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Thousands Supercharge their Businesses at OJBA’s Largest Ever Interstate Expo

OJBA has proven once again that its annual Interstate Expo is the place to be for anyone in the construction, management, real estate and related industries. Over 3,000 people flooded the Meadowlands Exposition Center on December 18, making it the largest and most successful expo to date for OJBA.

What drew the record crowds? They came to showcase their businesses, to network with others in the industry, to greet old friends and colleagues and meet new ones. OJBA was founded to create a community of business owners in the rapidly expanding construction industry, who would help each other’s businesses grow by sharing industry tips and ideas and by forming connections that provide shared value to everyone. True to this mission, the vibe in the hall was one of support and connectivity, and as the attendees moved among the hundreds of exhibits sprawled across the large exhibition floor, there was a palpable energy and eagerness to learn about their colleagues’ new products and innovative services.

The vast majority of both attendees and exhibitors were repeat participants in the Interstate Expo, who keep coming back because they’ve already seen how much this single day can supercharge their businesses. New contacts and leads were made while chatting over the delicious welcome buffet table in the morning, sponsored by PC Hardwood Floors, and, later in the day, over the lavish fleishig dinner spread, graciously provided by the OJBA.

The exhibitors were enthusiastic about the OJBA Interstate Expo’s power to propel a business to the next level.

“Every time we come, we see some great leads coming out of here,” said Yosef from Mitsubishi Electric. Standing next to his demo truck, inside of which his company’s signature quiet and energy efficient A/C and heating units were running, he added, “There are great customers stopping by and seeing the place and finding out about our projects. All of this generates new leads and new customers.”

Jacob from Lucida, a company that manufactures vinyl flooring, had this to say: “The OJBA brings us a lot of business. We used to go to Vegas, but we stopped going because we see the OJBA is a much bigger show. It does a lot of business for us.”

He said that he met designers, developers, contractors and wholesalers at the show – in other words, clients that are looking for flooring for their upcoming projects.

After a packed day of networking, the thousands of attendees went home with new contacts and leads in their pockets, with new ideas and renewed enthusiasm for growing their businesses – and with Interstate 4.0 scheduled for November 18, 2020 already recorded on their calendars.

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